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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  July 9, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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confused and scared. he didn't have a life vest and he held on to a ice cooler. finally a fellow fishermen offered his and his brother is still missing. but then the group separated, charles spent nearly 15 hours alone. he eventually swam to an island where local fisherman found him and another survivor. this is video of charles of mexico back on land before he returned home yesterday. meantime, the search for seven others who are still missing continues today. >> do you think they are still alive? >> i hope so. >> they have agreed to keep looking at least until thursday, since the accident, survivors have been found on the water and on nearby islands. if made it to an island they can. i hope someone on those islands
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where they can be helped. >> he is trying to stay strong but they rs bracing themselves for the worst. they would like a specialized dive team to get involved and search the sunken ship. >> just to get the closure, their father is down there. if that is indicates, bring him home. >> the secretary of tourism for baja california sent a deep water dive team from hawaii is willing to help and could arrive as early as tomorrow. a diving expedition to the bottom of the sea of cortez is possible but it would be very dangerous and it could take some time. john alston talked to some diving experts. >> to find out if there are any victims still in the fishing boat. a diving expedition could last two weeks and cost $100,000 if a private company takes on the
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job. the boat is thought to be at a depth of 200 to 300 feet. that would require what is known as a mixed gas dive. a technical procedure where divers fill their tanks with special mixtures. each dive could take a half-hour to reach the boat and full hour or more to return to the surface. they could only spend about 5-15 minutes at a time to search inside the erik. they would need a map of the boat's interior so they know where they are going. >> you have the problem of getting the equipment and then the problem of actually doing the dive and penetration is most dangerous thing is you don't know how the wreck is whether its sitting up right. >> a natural wreck will have all manner of obstacles inside, broken furniture, pieces of equipment. so when you penetrate a wreck like that you are going in with lines so i can follow your line
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on the way back out. its moon shot is what they are doing. >> experts say the searchers would probably want to put a remote camera before sending down the first divers. widest of a missing fishermen, she said they may do it after search to recovery mode. coastguard says they are unaware of any divers ready to search the ship. >> we have breaking news in the east bay to report. right now richmond police are on the scene of a triple murder. police say just before 4:30 this afternoon a woman called to report a shooting on triangle court. when officers arrived they found a total of three victims all shot to death. detectives or the scene talking to neighbors. no word yet on a suspect and we have a crude headed to the scene. we'll have more tonight at 11:00. an ambulance was involved in a traffic accident today in san francisco. it happened around 1:30 this afternoon at 17th street and
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south san ramon ness. paramedics from the ambulance service in marin were not responding to an emergency when it slammed into the back of a car. the ambulance driver and another person was taken to the hospital. >> the family of four was injured after a 17-year-old driver crashed into several cars while leading chp officers on a chase in vallejo last night. two young brothers were also hurt. mother and father were also seriously injured. teenage driver slammed into four cars before he flipped the stolen hummer he was driving. police say he has a long criminal record and now include felony hit and. >> 75 weapons were turned into police in east palo alto from handguns to rifles, just about anything was accepted in the annual gun buy-back program. each weapon were exchanged with
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hundred dollar cash cards. >> first two years, we had 137 weapons off the street. so its safety issue, chances of you injuring yourself with a weapon or someone with a weapon that you have stored are greater than using it for self-defense. >> the gun buy-back program begin in 2009 after a toddler was accidentally shot to death by a 12-year-old who found a gun in a garage. two-hour special right here on abc7 tomorrow will shed more light on jaycee dugard's kidnapping than ever before. it will come straight from dugard herself. she was kidnapped when she was 11 years old and helped captive for 18 years. people have been waiting to hear from the girl who disappeared from their neighborhood. >> she is just a real survivor.
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i would be proud to have her around. >> you can watch a prime time special tomorrow night at 9:00 right here on abc7. diane will be answering questions about her interview on twitter. you can tweet your question to her at diane sawyer tag abc. >> they are hiring in santa cruz 60 positions are available for some of the hardest hit residents. new secretary of defense makes a bold statement about country's grip on al-qaeda and the royal couple continues to charm tinseltown. >> what a cooldown it was today. temperatures dropping 15 degrees in some locations. cooling will continue for the next few days. seven-day
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. new jobs are coming out of the disaster at santa cruz harbor after waves from the tsunami from japan made landfall on the west coast. dofsz boats sank or damaged last march and the city was awarded $1.4 million emergency grant. part of the money will be used to hire 57 temporary workers to help repair the worker. they are open for to anybody
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that lost a job due to the tsunami or laid off for 15 of the past 26 weeks. visit their website for more information. >> protestors took to the streets of san francisco today to show their solidarity with the people of bolivia. >> the answer coalition, says u.s. bombers have carried out 800 strikes in libya. instead of bombing tripoli the money should be used to create jobs, schools and housing and health care programs. >> during his first visit to afghanistan, leon panetta said al-qaeda's defeat is within reach. the former c.i.a. chief eliminating as few as ten of the top leaders could cripple their ability.
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he has endorsed president's plan to drawdown troops this summer and keep a shrinking presence to the end of 2014. newlywed royals william and kate continue their royal tour. they have a dinner later tonight and they did some charity work. here is more. >> reporter: it's called the sport of kings and he is already an old hand. prince william saddled up and the crowd postpone i had up as much as $4,000 each to see them at a charity polo match. >> i have admired him from afar for years. he seems like a really good guy. >> before the main event, they were guests of honor at a vip lunch.
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>> we want to give them hope and confidence in their lives. >> he visited a technology center aimed at promoting u.s. investment in british tech firms. in the evening they were turning head heads at cocktail reception. they mingled with david beckham and they got a close look from hed head to toe. at the theater in los angeles, they are adding the finishing touches in honor of british filmmakers. they will have to compete with the star power of tom hanks and nicole kidman. >> hollywood is known for bucking protocol. >> ready or not, they get another close up tonight. >> still ahead, how one bay area man is celebrating today's date. today's rare numerical pattern and how you can cash in on it. cooler temperatures sweeping through the bay area with a
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slight chance of rain this weekend. leigh glaser will tell you more about that. >> i'm kolin rush, yankee legends none of them able to do
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a san francisco man wants you to do something odd today. ron gordon of redwood city has set up a website of the rare date of 7-9-11, one of the six dates this century that features with three odd numbers. his website order offers suggestions and offering $791 prize. to anyone who comes up with best way to celebrate this very odd day. >> at risk teens are going from tagging buildings to creating art. they create murals where graffiti is a problem. the project organizers say it gives kids some positive to do
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and helps create pride in their neighborhood. many of the kids who join the project end up turning in their gang colors. great project. good for them and looks like they will have decent weather out there. >> a lot cooler all across the bay area and, of course, cooling trend is what we're getting in to. low clouds and fog. kind of a summer weather type pattern, mist and drizzle that is possible, as well. all eyes are on you, live cam right now looking at san jose, lots of sunshine there. san jose, 70 degrees and 70 in fremont. antioch is 84 degrees. 69 in napa right now. we had some 50s, san francisco 58. sfo reporting a strong wind gust up to 25 miles per hour. low clouds and fog gives the west push inland overnight tonight. we will look for coastal drizzle
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near the coast and that will be around the bay. get ready for below normal temperatures as we head into next week. we started with the blanket of fog near the coast. those westerly winds tried to scour some of it out of here but all of it will move further inland. we may see clear patches in north bay. 47 for santa rosa. mist and drizzle likely near the coast. half moon bay, 51. 53 in san francisco and with strong onshore wind component i think the low clouds and fog will be out to the delta, as well. antioch overnight, 59 degrees. we have a series of troughs of low pressure, most of the activity will stay to the north of us but it will have to dip that jetstream very close to the bay area. that is going to mean cooling for us. it will continue tomorrow. you're going to notice it inland. you'll drop to 4-5 degrees and
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then as we head into monday and tuesday and wednesday, another trough will move close in. mid to upper 70s. tomorrow morning, low clouds and fog and drizzle at the coast and then we'll see all this slowly burn back to the coast. we'll keep a little bit of patchy fog. cooler day, ao9d 50s at the coast and 60s around the bay, nationwide low 80s interior east bay locations. here is a look at neighborhoods for you. 75 for san jose, 79 for the coast. breezy conditions. sea breeze kicking up to 25 miles an hour. half moon bay, 59. mid-70s for the peninsula, 62 degrees expected high tomorrow in san francisco. in north bay, 77 santa rosa and it's going to delightful day for napa, 76 degrees. 66 for berkeley. 74 for union city. oakland is 68 and interiorest bay, cool it down brentwood 85.
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concord and danville, 82 and we'll go 82 in morgan hill. seven-day forecast, much cooler as we head into monday and tuesday as the secondary system clips to us the north. it will bring temperatures back to the 70s and 60s around the bay and mid to upper 50s with mist and drizzle tuesday and wednesday at the coast. wal by the way, this aidz walk san francisco will be held in eight days on sunday july 17th in golden gate park. call them or visit on for colin rush, another yankee has earned his place in history. >> it's pretty amazing of all the great players and he is the first one to get to 3,000. you miet may not like derek
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jeter but you have to be amazed at his record history in the third. only player to hit a home run for the 3,000 hits. first yankee to ever get to 3,000. a perfect five for five from the plate. including a game winning base hit in the eighth. a's have lost the first two games of the four-game set with texas. there it goes. this is nice to see. a towering blast to left. home run power for a's. i just told my colleagues that peng thing ton he ripped a single. the a's will score and right now it's 4-1 a's in the fifth.
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>> what is a seahawk, a steeler patriot and buccaneer have in common, marshon lynch's football camp. hosting camp and best part for the kids, it was free. he was joined by his cousin, josh johnson and ten other n.f.l. players. >>. >> maybe they have the opportunity so we wanted to go through and practice. >> we are blessed to be in this position to be as professional athletes. we need to bless the community we came from and kids that are growing up in there. >> it looked like a mistake at the top of the u.s. women's open there was no mistake.
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they were both from japan, shot of the day, watch this thing. straight in. drops for an eagle, lee is 3 over and here she is for a birdie. hangs on the lip and drops. back-to-back birdies throughout the second round. one shot back and rolls in one of our five birdies. she is a five under. due to weather delays, they have not teed off for round three but it could extend to monday. >> third round play, start entering the day with the lead on 15, downhill putt drops. brendan making a charge, par four, approach and he gets hit within five feet. he would birdie he is 18 under. they are all training this guy.
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steve stricker and in position for a third straight. anteriorly makes it he shoots 20 under and two-shot lead in tomorrow's round. >> and tour de france entering the mountains, the for the geese rider was leading. quarter finals, women's world cup and germany is out. done by japan. and scoreless game, and out runs the german defense, past the goal keeper what would be the game winner. two time defending champ is out to japan and advance together semi finals ever. >> giants are currently trailing and tim lincecum is on the mound. >> and thousands sped off on a
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ninth annual avon walk for breast cancer kicked off in san francisco today. >> there they go.
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2,000 people are taking part in the event. they raised more than $4.5 million. all the funds will go to local breast cancer foundations and they will walk up to 39 miles. since it's luachblgd. the foundation has raised more than $35 million. that is it for "abc 7 news" at 6:00. i'm alan wang. we'll see tonight at 11:00.
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